Brake Work Repair Or Replacement

JG Autowerks offers a complete brake service from conventional pads and rotor replacement to hydraulic leaks such as lines as we custom make hydraulic brake lines for every application needing replacement for rotting or leakage. The automotive braking system can be complex as well. If your vehicle has ABS or traction control we can diagnose and repair these systems as well with one of our factory scan tools. As most replacement parts on the ABS system require flash program or version coding of the components. Also with our factory scan equipment and our expertise in electrical and wiring we can pinpoint most intermittent brake malfunctions causing poor brake pedal feel and/or warning light illumination. Within the braking system there is always a maintenance need also from properly lubed pad mounting and caliper slider pivots can prolong the life of your brake job. Most maintenance intervals may specific and do require a fluid flush to keep your brake system hydraulics properly working and contaminate free. The brake system also uses a mechanical and sometimes electronic parking brake system which in our environment can become corroded, rusted and inoperable. Complete cable replacement and sometimes just a repair add safety to your vehicle’s braking system as well as keeps it in NYS Inspection ready.

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