Alternator And Electrical Repairs

JG Autowerks offers extensive diagnostics regarding your starting and charging system. Whether replacement starter is needed or we can recondition yours JG Autowerks will completely check your starting system whether it be a bad starter or a power failure i.e. ignition switch our trained staff will isolate the root cause of the problem which may be electronic related due to faulty factory and/or after market security systems in which a no crank condition could exist. As the automobile becomes more sophisticated charging system failures may appear to be alternators but in fact can be faulty power train control modules and/or wiring. Have JG Autowerks completely analyze your charging system to properly isolate and diagnose the problem. A dead battery may also be caused from a parastatic draw in which current continues to flow to a device and not always visible i.e. interior lights on JG Autowerks will properly isolate the system and diagnose it properly. If you need battery replacement we offer a complete line of professional series batteries in which most applications are in stock and ready to install or sell for customer install. JG Autowerks also offers state of the art battery charging equipment for late model vehicles with AGM and gel style batteries for proper charging rates and testing. Ask your service advisor to explain in which this style battery looks like a conventional. Small print and vehicle application guides is how it is differentiated.

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