Maintenance Such As Oil Changes And Radiator Flushes

JG Autowerks offers a wide variety of maintenance work ranging from oil changes to timing belts and tune-ups. Every vehicle has its own specific maintenance schedule, ask your service advisor what maintenance is due on your vehicle or coming due at mileage and time intervals. Although the days of repairing a poor run condition due to warn maintenance tune-up parts i.e. plugs and filters this may not always be the case. If your vehicle requires such replacements we will advise the best possible solution for your maintenance needs depending on mileage and age of vehicle. Most vehicles have cabin air filters to clean the air and filter debris which replacement can keep your HVAC system flowing properly and corrosive and contaminant free. Not all fuel systems have serviceable fuel filters. JG Autowerks also offers a professional fuel system flush and injector cleaning per vehicle application and can correct most run conditions and increase fuel mileage with this service. Maintenance work may also include belt replacement from conventional drive belts to engine timing belt replacement. Although most timing belt replacements are conventional some vehicle applications need special tooling in which JG Autowerks has for these vehicle specific applications. From European exotic vehicles to the grocery getter. Let JG Autowerks advise you on your next timing belt replacement to keep your engine running smoothly into the future. JG Autowerks offers a wide variety of oil change intervals and oils. Most vehicles can be specific as JG Autowerks has vehicle specific maintenance fluids in stock. Many European vehicles require specialty hydraulic and transmission lubricants which are on hand for the proper top off or replacement of such fluids. If repair work is needed instead of maintenance and due to financial criteria let us fix your vehicle and advise you what maintenance can be done sooner or later. JG Autowerks also offers induction system cleaning to remove carbon build up in the internal combustion side of the engine’s valve train and cylinder pistons. This chemical process can help your vehicle idle smoother as well as stop engine noise due to carbon build up.

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