Muffler And Exhaust Repair Or Replacement

JG Autowerks offers a variety of exhaust system services from the conventional muffler and tail pipe to the more complex manifold header pipe flex flanged replacement often saving customers money with this repair from costly pipe replacement. Most exhaust systems can be repaired with simple welding and sleeving of rotted flanges within the exhaust system. JG Autowerks also works with rusted and rotted exhaust manifolds and repair of such items with broken bolts and mounting hardware. Our staff can repair any exhaust manifold mounting. JG Autowerks also offers catalytic converter replacement as well as repair to mounting flanges of these catalytic converters in order to save our customers money when complete replacement is not necessary. Although check engine lights on most vehicle’s dashboards will illuminate because of faulty catalytic converters but also due to exhaust leaks in the vehicle’s exhaust system. See our drivability section for details on catalytic converter codes. JG Autowerks can greatly improve an exhaust systems life by replacement and/or repair or exhaust mounting hardware and straps some are custom made and welded in place and some are vehicle specific replacement components. Ask your service advisor to have your exhaust system checked for proper mounting.

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