Power Steering Or Lock Problems

JG Autowerks offers extensive power steering and hydraulic related diagnostics. From external leaks due to rotted, corroded and/or seal failure JG Autowerks has many means to repair your steering and hydraulic systems. Whether hydraulic pump, steering racks and/or line repair or replacement is available JG Autowerks also stocks most original equipment fluids for your vehicle’s hydraulic and steering system. Whether your vehicle has devices which are mainly called speed sensitive steering in which electronics control the pumps pressure and steering rate based on complaint having your vehicle analyzed to properly diagnosing a problem within the steering system. JG Autowerks offers custom line repair and replacement. JG Autowerks also offers repairs on any steering control components such as connecting shafts and joints which may become loose, noisy and cause a play in steering wheel and related components. Here at JG Autowerks we also offer steering column and ignition lock repairs such as hard to turn ignition key cylinders and/or binding ignition locks cylinders which causes the ignition key not to turn. Have your vehicle’s ignition lock system repaired before a completely inoperable cylinder requires a lot of costly labor hours to remove if completely defective. The maintenance on your power steering system which may include fluid evacuation and replacement flushing keeps harmful contaminants and lubricity for proper lubrication of your steering components. See your service advisor for proper factory and/or recommended service intervals as well as have your steering components checked for any ripped or torn protection components within your steering system.

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